Debut Full Length "Where Do We Go From Here" Digital Worldwide Release 26 August


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Carry On

And so the choice was made. Whether it was good, bad or somewhere in between, the peaceful evolution for equality, harmony, and prosperity is in our hands. Those who control the wealth, resources, and the laws of this land still have a vested interest in maintaining and elevating their power. This is one's own fear that is projected onto the common person, the true human, thus causing a rippling effect of panic, chaos, and a distorted and distracted reality. Therefore, we can not blindly accept empty rhetoric instilled with divisive, polarizing, and dehumanizing messages filled with hate and disdain for the so called other. Please see beyond this. Until we can start seeing this for ourselves and for what it is, we will continue to be a segregated and polarized society. This is not pessimism but an aspect of reality in which we currently dwell. The essence of being, our human fabric, is filled with love, peace, harmony, and equality. It is up to us to let those attributes of humanity shine.
Shawn Butler BNS Sessions UK

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