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25 September 2014 - Worldwide Digital Release

Hola Sisters and Brothers,

We were on a temporary hiatus. Now we have returned to present a new single by Sancta Simplicitas and HOIST.

25 September 2014 - Worldwide Digital Release - 
Cargo Records UK - BNS 025 - 

"Known Entities"
                         Known Entities   
  Split Single by Sancta Simplicitas and HOIST 

Sancta Simplicitas
Sancta Simplicitas is a sound project based on the belief system that evolution of the soul uplifts all humanity and thus sheds light and positivity into the universe and multiverse. Code d’espace came forth in the midst of a mantra recording session in Williamsburg Brooklyn, during a highly auspicious time. The numbers were found and they correlate to the countries’ esoteric number or code in which it vibrates. After recording this, the codes were lost in the inter web, however, permanently recorded in song.

Visual artists and musicians converged in January 2007 when performance artist Cyphered Threads extended her hand and asked them to provide musical scores for her performance/live action pieces. In 2008, a side project named Heliocentric was developed and took its shape and form until April 2009. Upon which, the name changed to HOIST (Human Observations In Space Time) to reflect the various transformations each member observes and experiences in these infinite realms of existence. Equinox was recorded during the Vernal Equinox as a live studio recording at Strange Weather in Brooklyn, NY. The intention resonates with the rejuvenation and transition associated with this time of year in the northern hemisphere along with the collaborative, vibrational output of the individuals who participated in this session.

Split Single “Known Entities”
Out of the cavernous, industrial ruins of New York City come two intense tracks of mantras that rekindle those lost emotions while absolving us of lost directions that have eluded us from discovery and reconciliation. The fork takes not just two but multiple paths of reflection, harmony, geographic location, and energetic waves of live fills, attacks, sub bass, and synths. This is a call and response that creates an ambience of a playful salvation, thus elevating us into a unified fabric of multiple dimensions that construct the finite and infinite.

Split Single
Artists: Sancta Simplicitas/HOIST
Title: “Known Entities”

Side A
Artist: Sancta Simplicitas
Title: Code d’espace

Side B
Artist: HOIST
Title: Equinox

Label: BNS Sessions
Release: BNS025 ©2014 All Rights Reserved
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by: Paul Gold, Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
Distributor: Cargo Records, London UK

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